A New Direction: Coaching

Well, I'm rounding out two weeks back at the massage therapy gig, and it feels great! Of course I was a little nervous before the very first client, but once I began the work, it was magic. You know, if magic was laced in sanitizer, wearing a face mask and goggles...

But because of all the extra work that needs to be done to be safe and CDC compliant, it means my actual paying hours have been reduced to less than half. 

And since COVID is a reality (and one which seems to be here for a while), it meant that I needed to adapt. I needed to change how I offer my services. And that's why I've decided to offer personal coaching.

It's kind of been a sub-service I'd been unknowingly providing to some of my clients for the past eleven years, but  about two or three years ago it was brought to my attention that it should be an actual service for folks off the table. 

I've kicked this coaching idea around for the past few years, but was always "too busy" to really do anything about it. This pandemic, however, gave me a lots of time to turn this idea into a reality. 

I've been working full time learning the ins and outs of coaching and applying the work to my personal life. And I can honestly say that I've never felt as grounded in myself, clear about my needs/vision/purpose, and confident about achieving my goals, as I do now. 

It's pretty fucking cool.

I'm really excited to be combining my professional skills and personal experiences, and offering a service I believe can truly enrich the lives of others.

I want to be sure to set myself and my clients up for success, and that means taking things slow. So I'll only be accepting 2-3 clients to begin with. 

If you'd like to learn more about my services, you can visit HERE




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