Are you ready for juicy living?

Living life to the fullest. Juicy life.

For the past month or so I've had this strong feeling of readiness. 

I'm not sure I can specifically say ready for what. I'm just ready.

I guess if I was to articulate it in some way, I'm ready to feel like I'm living my life to the fullest, rather than just living. 

Now, let's clear some things up first. 

My life is awesome. Seriously. I'm SO, SO, SO very lucky to have the life I do. All of my basic needs are met, and then some. I have a great day job as a massage therapist, and am in the baby phase of growing my art & inspiration gig. I have really nice folks in my life. I live in a beautiful, clean, safe place in the world. I've got a sweet guy who loves and supports me, and so does my mama. I've got a sugar nugget of a dog. Seriously, it's cozy up in here.

But it's gotten kind of...dry.

Now, I'm not about to have an Eat, Pray, Love moment, but I do know that life needs to be a bit juicier if I plan on living it as creatively and inspiring as I'd like.

Juicy living was easy when I was in my twenties. With zero fucks to give, no debt, no relationships, no responsibilities, I was living life foot loose and fancy free. Perhaps a little too loose, and honestly, not so fancy. But full of adventure and plenty of juice. 

There was an openness about me when I was younger. And while that openness often lended itself to poor decision making, it at least gave me something to work with. And now that I'm snuggled into my lovely little life, I can't help but notice the creative tumbleweeds roll by more often than I care to admit.


How am I supposed to be inspiring people to be living fearlessly and creatively when my own creativity is a desert wasteland. 

Dramatic much, Crystal?

Yeah, maybe that's a bit of a stretch. But that's what it feels like sometimes. 

So this readiness that I've been feeling lately is the readiness to get out into the world and be a little braver in it. I have ZERO desire to reconnect with my reckless ways, I want to maintain a responsible human. But I AM going to have to find a few new fruits for my juice. 

Are you with me?

Are you ready to rehydrate your life and find your inspiration?

What's keeping your life juicy?

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