The Importance of Creating Space

I recently made the solid decision to steer my focus towards something I'm calling "creating space". 

I knew it was the right decision because every time I thought about it, said it out loud, or doodled it in my notebook, it brought a smile to my face. ...side note, if something makes you smile, it's probably worth exploring...

Anyway, I'd been struggling with the previous "empowering, creative self-care" thing I'd been knocking around for several months. I liked the way it sounded, but what the fuck did it even mean? I want to be a facilitator in one's quest for empowerment; yes. I want to inspire creative thinking minds; sure. I'm passionate about self-care and self-love; abso-freaking-lutely. But what's at the root of it all? How do we manifest this juicy life stuff? How the hell do we find it?!

It starts by creating space. 

After digging into the murky depths of my brain, SPACE was the common denominator in all the magic. 

Creating space means clearing out the shit that no longer serves you, and making room for the stuff that does. 

This can be literal, like clearing out the clothes you no longer wear to make room for the ones you do. Or, it could be more abstract; clearing old beliefs that oppress you, to make room for personal growth. 

But whether it's your environment, life, body, mind, or soul, creating space is therapeutic, enlightening, and uplifting.

Creating space in life gives us more time.
Creating space in the mind gives us more peace.
Creating space in the body gives us more freedom.
And creating space in the heart gives us more joy.

This week at Patreon I'll be getting real, and sharing my personal challenges and triumphs with creating space environmentally, emotionally, and mentally.


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