I Am My Own Muse

"I am my own muse.
I am the subject I know best.
The subject I want to better."
- Frida Kahlo

You should know how amazing Frida Kahlo was,
so here's a little back story just so you know...
Frida was born in Mexico in 1907.
She got polio when she was six, which deformed her right leg. 
And because kids can be mean, she got bullied.
Her father introduced her to the arts with his photography. 
She developed an interest in art, and began sketching.
She was accepted into an elite preparatory school to study medicine.
She had plans to become a medical illustrator.
In 1927 she was on a bus, on her way home from school, when it got into a terrible accident, killing several people and leaving Frida severely injured.
An iron handrail impaled her pelvis, fracturing her pelvic bone, puncturing her abdomen and uterus.
Her spine was broken in three places, and her right leg broken in eleven.
She had a dislocated shoulder and broken collarbone. 
She spent an enormous amount of time in bed, in a plaster cast, immobile. 
She turned to painting to pass the days and used a specially made easel.
 Miraculously, she was able to walk again.
She fell in love with a Mexican painter, Diego Rivera, who supported her art.
She continued a life of physical and emotional pain; enduring 30 additional surgeries, including a re-breaking/re-setting of her spine, suffered serveral miscarriages, and being married to a man who was a womanizer.
She used her art to process this life.
Frida is a good reminder that when I'm feeling like I can't,
that I actually, indeed, can. I mean, really? My life is infinitely easier than hers.
And when I put away my "can't" voices, and do the challenging things, I end up inspiring myself. 
When was a time you inspired yourself?

If you're inspired by Frida Kahlo and would like her around in your life, you can find her on all sorts of lovely things in the Inkspiration Series [HERE].


I painted Frida with: 
•Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Inks (various colors)
•Micron Pens
•Yupo Paper
Images below link to these materials.

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