New Services Coming Soon!

Being able to assist people in feeling empowered in their bodies is REALLY important to me. But since this pesky pandemic has shut down my massage practice, I've had to put my creative thinking cap on and come up with a new way to offer my services.   

I'm really excited to be launching (very soon) two new services.  

1. Customized self-care/self-massage coaching sessions for individuals via FaceTime or Zoom.   

2. Group live-stream self-care/self-massage coaching sessions through my membership platform.   

Both services will provide tools to help you achieve your wellness goals! 

The first service will one-on-one coaching sessions, that are designed for individuals. These will of course cost more, however be more in-depth.

The second service is open to all of my members starting at the Green Tier ($15/month or more)!  I'll be live-streaming different self-care and self-massage technique sessions on Patreon and there will be opportunities for Q&As!

I'm so excited!

To find out when these services are available, sign up for the newsletter (at the bottom right of this page). 

To learn more about Memberships, follow this [ LINK ]

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