The Importance of Rest

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If you're exhausted, but feel compelled to be "productive", this blog is for you. 

Because I love mixing science, the mystic, and adding a dash of creativity, I ask the tarot deck what the theme of my art journal be. I ask what kind of science should I share with the world?

I pulled one card. The Four of Swords, upright. And the meaning of that card is this:

Recovery, contemplation, relaxation, passivity, rest.

After a time of intense activity and/or pressure, there is a period of calm and recovery. The four symbolizes the rest after a difficult challenge, especially when you need it, so that you can figure out things and recover before finally going back to the challenge that has been bothering you and causing you issues. Recuperation from illness may also be indicated.

So here's the thing...

Everything we do in life requires energy. I'm talking real life legit electrical impulses  to and from the brain that makes your whole existence happen. Your brain is in charge of just about every single thing that happens in your body (and everything in your mind).

The brain is busy.

Every night (unless you work the night shift, then every day) you go to bed and hopefully get 6-9 hours of sleep. The reason we have this sleeping habit is because our batteries need recharging. And when I say batteries, I really mean the brain. 

Now, l don't know if you've noticed or not, but when life got flipped upside down with the pandemic, the brain suddenly got kicked into overdrive. It's flooded with worry, confusion, frustration, managing resources, managing homeschooling, working from home, isolation, etc. Whatever your unique situation is, it's not part of your "normal" life, and that's a LOT for the brain to take in. 

It's exhausting. 

rest self care quote crystal mclain creative

The pressure to keep up with everything is REAL. But you, my dear, are only human and can do only so much. You're using a lot more energy now that you're learning a new way of life, and your brain needs rest now more than ever. 

When we become "burnt out" it can lower our immune system, slow our response time, increase confusion, and make us irritable. It's not good. The brain needs rest. Your body needs rest. YOU need rest.  

So this is for every single one of you out there right now in these COVID19 times...

Allow yourself to recover, relax, be passive, and rest. Your mind and body need this in order to continue on this journey we're all on right now.

I love you and wish you well!

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    Thank you Crystal for sharing your 🕯with the world. Much love and health to you at this time. 💗🙏

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