This is how we grow


Personal growth is the ongoing process of understanding and developing oneself in order to achieve one's fullest potential. And dude, we have SO much potential.

But you should know, personal growth is a long-ass, complex formula. 

We need life experience + curiosity + critical thinking + experimentation + failure (and plenty of it) + persistence + a desire for something better. 

The areas I'm currently excited about growing are: 
• Freedom in the body, mind and soul. 
• Increase my understanding of the interconnection between physical, emotional, and mental health.

I've been exploring these areas for the past ten years, and I've learned a lot. 

Do I know everything? 


Not even close. 
In fact, the more I learn, the more apparent it becomes of how much I don't know.

It's funny how that happens. 

It's easy to be cocky when you're ignorant, speaking from personal experience here. You don't know any better. But once you start challenging yourself about what you think you "know", that's when real wisdom starts does humility. ...and both are beautiful.

When we choose to open our eyes/mind/heart, when we become truly curious about the arrival of our circumstances and beliefs, that's when we see how much we don't know. 

But baby, that's a good thing. Recognizing that you don't know it all is liberating! It's an opportunity to challenge old beliefs or habits that you know in your heart are toxic, destructive, or holding you back from reaching your fullest potential. 

We are ABLE to learn. 

We are ABLE to grow.

We have the capacity to be better, to do better. And that is BRILLIANT.

But we can't grow by keeping our heads down. We can't live to our fullest potential if we don't step outside the comfort zone. We have to be willing to look at ourselves critically and figure out the shit that's keeping us down. For real.

If you're waking up in the morning with darkness in your heart, you can change that. 

If you're looking in the mirror, and you're sad about what you see, you can change that. 


But you've got to be willing to do the work. 

That’s how we grow; personally and collectively.

We listen. 
We observe. 
We think critically. 
We experiment with a new way of thinking and living. 
We fail. 
We persist. 
We strive for something better, even if it's uncomfortable. 

I’m going to continue doing the work I know I’m supposed to do. I’m going to keep sharing my knowledge, my skills, and my heart. And I’m going to keep listening, observing, and learning from those who know more than me.

I’ll keep striving for something better because there’s always room for improvement. 


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