Bath Tea

Created specifically to restore the mind, body, and soul, these Soaking Teas are for bathing, and not sipping.

The base of my soaking teas consists of a mix of salts including epsom, Himalayan pink and/or sea salt, carefully curated essential oils, and aluminum free sodium bicarbonate. I create in small batches to ensure the quality and freshness of my products. 

✔️  Starter batches are enough for one bath (three foot/hand soaks)
✔️  Starter batches come with an appropriate crystal for that tea.
✔️  Refill batches are enough for two baths (six foot/hand soaks)
✔️  Refill batches DO NOT come with a crystal. 
✔️  Please keep your starter batch crystal for future baths. 

To learn how to use these teas, and determine which blends are safe for you, please refer to my Instructions & Precautions page. 

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