Arnica Cream
Arnica Cream
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Arnica Cream

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I keep my home and office stocked with plenty of T-Relief Extra Strength Arnica cream. It’s seriously amazing! 

Use for the temporary relief of minor:

• Muscle Pain

• Joint Pain

• Back Pain

• Nerve Pain

• Arthritis Pain

*This is a 3oz tube

Active Ingredients: Contains: *Arnica montana 1X 3.3%, **Calendula officinalis 1X 2.51%, **Echinacea 1X 0.75%, *Aconitum napellus 1X 0.08%, **Millefolium 2X 2.71%, *Hamamelis virginiana 2X 2.26%, **Chamomilla 2X 0.91%, *Belladonna 2X 0.75%, *Bellis perennis 2X 0.75%, *Arnica montana 3X 2.51%, *Ruta graveolens 4X 3%, *Wild-Harvested Baptisia tinctoria 4X 0.75%, *Symphytum officinale 4X 0.15%, *Hypericum perforatum 6X 0.12%, *Arnica montana 10X 0.12%. T-Relief™ Extra Strength contains 50% more of each medicine than regular T-Relief™.

Inactice ingredients: organic aloe oil, organic aloe, vera powder, organic soy bean oil, vitamin E, capric, triglycerides, carrageenan, organic, coconut oil, organic ethanol, organic safflower oil, phenoxyethanol, purified, water, organic, Shea, butter, sodium polyacrylate, sunflower seed, wax.

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