Mindset Makeover

So, let's talk about goals for a minute.

A goal, really, is a desired result. It's something we want in our lives that isn't currently present. And the reason it isn't currently present is because we haven't taken the deliberate actions to achieve it. 

In theory this all sounds pretty simple. I want to achieve the thing, so I'll just do the work. The thing is, if it were that easy, you wouldn't need this worksheet. 

Actions, while they take effort, also need to be backed by supportive feelings. Unless you're emotionally invested in achieving your goal, chances are it will just hang out on your to-do list without getting crossed off. 

And the only way you're going to be emotionally invested in your actions is if your thoughts, beliefs, and opinions are aligned with the goal. This, of course, is all over simplified, but you can learn more in my blog, Word Power, The Science of Thoughts

Meanwhile, here's a worksheet to give your mindset a makeover, so you can achieve your goals!


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