As a long time clinical massage therapist, and self care coach, the most exciting thing I witness with my clients is their "A-HA!" moment.

That moment when they realize just how much power they actually have.

The clarity and liberation that comes when they truly understand what self care is all about. 

And that moment when they start willingly and intuitively giving themselves the TLC they very much's what dreams are made of.

That's why I created CMC. 

I wanted to create a self care resource that offered the same benefits that my clients receive, but from the convenience of one's home, and for affordable prices.

My mission is to inspire you to create a positive mindset, strengthen your self awareness, find direction and purpose in life, feel motivated to take action, and feel supported along the way. 

And how I'm doing this is by:

Let's talk more about the Dream Team...

In order to accomplish all of this, I need a little support myself. That's why I initially created a Patreon account.

Patreon is a membership platform that connects content creators (such as myself) with fans and supporters (perhaps that's you?). It's a financial tool that lets supporters subscribe to memberships that give creators a predictable income as they continue to create content. 

Essentially, together, we become people helping people. 

With a Membership you'll receive:

  • Journal Prompts, with a look into my personal entries
  • Mindfulness Exercises + Self-Care Tutorials
  • Direct Blogcast Updates with Member-Only Content
  • ALL of my Digital Guides, Tools + Kits for FREE!
  • A discount code to my shop
  • Regular Personal Check-Ins
  • An invitation to my private Instagram group
  • And more! 

I'm a total nerd, so most of what I offer is deeply rooted in natural, biological, and behavioral science, but c'mon, I'm a massage therapist named CRYSTAL, so you can expect a little bit of fanciful woo to be thrown into the mix.

I'm a relentless optimist who loves to laugh, and I swear like a friggin' pirate. 

I believe BIPOC lives matter. I believe LGBTQ+ lives matter. I believe disabled lives matter. I love and welcome you, no matter your size, shape, color, orientation or abilities.

I'm not a mother in the traditional sense, but have strong mother energy, and I believe I'm here to be a fierce mama to the masses, and offer a safe and inspiring space for folks to learn how to be their greatest source of love and nourishment. 

If any of this sounds like your jam, and you'd like to support my mission to bring creative self care resources to the masses, you can join The Dream Team over at Patreon! 





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