Self-Care Coaching & Therapeutic Massage


Got pain? Tension? Stress?
I've got YOU...

Having successfully worked through a myriad of my own physical, emotional, and situational challenges, I feel confident in my approaches to self care, self love, and self-massage. I have personal experience being in the "client" position, which means I've done the work.

I also have loads of professional experience. I've been a licensed massage therapist for more than ten years, and I'm a former self-care instructor at the Downeast School of Massage.


Therapeutic Massage 

During this time of COVID-19 I've had to close my office and am reconsidering how to offer my services. 

While hands-on massage isn't an option at this time, I will be launching a new service: Guided Self-Massage.


Self-Care Coaching

Your goals and needs are uniquely your own, so your self-care should be too.

What to expect from self-care coaching:

Gain mind-body insight, it's not all woo-woo, it's science
Determine your TRUE self-care goals
Develop relatable, approachable tools & techniques
Become your best wellness advocate



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In good health,
Crystal McLain, LMT