Massage Therapy

My massage therapy practice focuses on facilitating a restorative connection between the client's mind and body. 

I use a mix of modalities including traditional Swedish, deep tissue, cupping, cranio-sacral therapy, and lymphatic drainage. Modality descriptions are listed at the bottom of this page.

My goal is to support and encourage the body to heal itself. 

After learning about your needs and history, we'll create a plan that feels right for you. 

60 Minute Session : $75
90 Minute Session : $110

Preexisting clients may pre-pay here.

After completing the Liability Waiver and Medical History forms below, please feel free to schedule your next appointment using the scheduling service at the bottom of this page.

*PLEASE NOTE: Though the mask mandate has been lifted in the state of Maine, I'm still requiring masks in the office. Thank you for your understanding and compliance.



SWEDISH focuses on the superficial muscles. A series of techniques such as kneading, tapping, rocking, long strokes, deep circular movements, and passive joint movement, are used to warm and relax the muscles, encourage circulation, and stimulate nerve endings.

DEEP TISSUE focuses on deeper muscles, tendons and fascia (connective tissue). Techniques used include localized, sustained pressure using finger tips, elbows, and forearms. Working deeply doesn't mean working with great force. You should never hurt during your massage. I typically use Trigger Point Therapy as well as Active Release Therapy.

CUPPING is another form of deep tissue work, where suction is created using a cup. I practice dry cupping with silicone cups. The benefits are increased blood flow as well as the ability to manipulate the soft tissues in alternate dimensions. 

CRANIO-SACRAL THERAPY focuses on supporting and balancing the central nervous system. This gentle therapy includes strategic hand placements on the body, spine, and cranium. 

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE gently manipulates and supports the lymphatic system (your body's immune system which fights viruses, bacteria, and other toxins). 

Clients may also choose hot stones, crystals and/or aromatherapy to accompany their session.