Amethyst Pyramid
Amethyst Pyramid
Amethyst Pyramid
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Amethyst Pyramid

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These amethyst pyramids offer dual healing power! While amethyst alone has its own benefits, the pyramid shape is known to amplify these powers. 

Because I care about our planet and our people, your amethyst was ethically sourced and will be carefully wrapped and shipped in eco-friendly packaging. And because you can never get enough goodness, I've also personally cleansed and blessed each piece.

Amethyst is known to be used for: 

  • Intuition & insight
  • Insomnia & nightmares
  • Safe traveling
  • Connecting with higher self
  • Cultivating creativity
  • Manifestation
  • Managing stress or anxiety
  • Working with addiction
  • Working through trust issues
  • Seeing past the physical or “obvious”
  • Seeking truth and wisdom
  • Opening up to ideas or concepts
  • Learning 
  • Relieving issues with the head, brain, nervous system, eyes, ears, and nose. 


CHAKRA LOCATION: Between the eyebrows.

The THIRD EYE chakra is all about intuition, insight, inner wisdom and “gut” feelings.

HOW TO USE: Place on the third eye chakra, hold in non dominant hand while meditating, or simply keep it near you. 

MANTRA SUGGESTION: “I see beyond the physical, I witness with my heart”

IMAGRY SUGGESTION: While inhaling, envision a violet light filling your entire body with a sense of presence and curiosity. While exhaling and relaxing your body, send this light to your third eye chakra.

*Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment, and should not be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine or therapy. Information from this website does not claim to heal or cure. 

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