Red Jasper
Red Jasper
Red Jasper
Red Jasper
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Red Jasper

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Don't let these simple Red Jasper stones fool you! Just as their color indicates, they'll help build your inner fire. 

Your crystal will be intuitively selected for you, and may not resemble the photos. Each crystal is beautiful and unique, just like you.

Because I care about our planet and our people, your quartz was ethically sourced and will be carefully wrapped and shipped in eco-friendly packaging. And because you can never get enough goodness, I've also personally cleansed and blessed each piece. 

Red Jasper is known to be used for: 

  • Increasing courage
  • Serious grounding
  • Boosting strength
  • Building sexual energy
  • Encouraging honesty
  • Recalling dreams
  • Relieving issues with bones, teeth, legs, feet, lower back, and digestive & immune systems


CHAKRA LOCATION: Base of spine, lower hips or feet.

The ROOT chakra is all about feeling safe, secure and grounded, trusting that our basic needs are being met (love, nourishment, shelter, physical/mental health).

HOW TO USE: Place at one of the root chakra locations, hold in non dominant hand while meditating, or simply keep it near you. 

MANTRA SUGGESTION: “I am safe, secure, and loved”

IMAGRY SUGGESTION: While inhaling, envision being filled with a warm and loving red light. While exhaling and relaxing your body, send this light to the root chakra

*Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment, and should not be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine or therapy. Information from this website does not claim to heal or cure.

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