Dream Team Memberships

We find validation and strength when we share our experiences. And it’s WAY easier to face challenges, to problem-solve, and feel motivated when we’re not alone.

That’s why I created The Dream Team.

The Dream Team is a community of regular folks, just like you and me, who have a deep desire to put an end to self limiting habits and beliefs, and become confident, free-thinking innovators for the care of their mind, body, and mother-lovin’ soul. 

The Dream Team is where we inspire and support one another, in an informal group coaching environment, while we dive into topics such as:

  • Creating a positive, growth mindset
  • Deepening self awareness & body consciousness
  • Finding purpose in every day life
  • Alternative & practical self care techniques

And for as little as $3/month you could become a part of this growing community, and receive incredible membership benefits such as:

  • An invitation to my private Facebook group and live Zoom events where we explore creative self care solutions together.

  • Direct blog and podcast updates with member only content.

  • Full and free access to the Inspiration Station, an ever-growing data bank of guided tutorials.

But the best part of all, you’ll have an opportunity to make meaningful connections with other members.

If you’re still not sure if The Dream Team is for you, let me tell you a little more about who I am.

I'm not a mother in the traditional sense, but have strong mama energy. I'm here to provide a nurturing environment, and have no room for discrimination. 

I’m nerdy, sassy, love to laugh, and I swear like a friggin’ pirate.

At CMC, The Dream Team and I are keeping it real, having fun, and making self care feel doable. And we’d love to have you join us.

If any of this sounds like your jam, I’d love for you to check out The Dream Team at Patreon. And if at any time you decide that it’s not for you, you’re always free to go.





    Crystal's commitment to her own accountability, along with the support of the
    group gave me the nudge to create big positive change!

    -C. B.

    I find myself on board with Crystal's work as it supports changes I am trying to
    make in my life. I am moving from survive mode to thrive mode with Crystal's help!

    -D. D. 

    Clearly seeing the problem and solving it. This is just what she does. She is deeply
    knowledgeable and intuitive about how our bodies work. And she's funny as hell!

    -P. D. 

    Crystal brings a rare combination of intuition and common sense which, when
    mixed with her joyful attitude, enormous integrity and creative style, make her an
    ideal companion on any journey. 

    -E. V. 

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