Patreon Memberships

With a Patreon Membership, you become a part of an amazing community that empowers, inspires and SUPPORTS creative self care.

Memberships extend support three ways:

  1. Funds support the work that goes into creating my blog, podcast and social media content which empowers people to take charge of their mind-body wellness.

  2. Funds sustain The Dream Team - a self care support group where we encourage and inspire one another while we individually work towards wellness. 

  3. A portion of membership funds are donated to grassroots organizations that are addressing issues such as homelessness, hunger, addiction and domestic violence.

Memberships also come with other great benefits such as:

  • My quarterly-published Creative Self Care Zine!

  • Bonus content from my blog & podcast which includes tutorials, downloads, and/or a glimpse into my personal experiences.

  • An open invitation to live Zoom events.

  • The Inspiration Station “App” where you’ll have access to an ever-growing bank of self care tips & tutorials.

  • A 5-10% discount code to my shop.

  • A personal care package sent to you FOUR times a year.

  • The satisfaction knowing that you're a part of a community that's actively supporting the wellbeing of others


Right now I'm donating 10% of membership funds every month to an organization that supports the basic needs of our fellow humans.

Once I reach 100 Patreon Members I'll be donating 25% of all Membership funds. 

And when I reach 1,000, I'll donate 50%! 

But before you decide to become a member, you should also know that we are a SAFE SPACE FOR EVERYONE.

The Dream Team and I believe:

  • We have the right to make our OWN choices about our bodies, including the choice for abortion.

  • EVERYONE, despite the color of one’s skin or gender identity deserves respect, love, and safety. LGBTQIA+, AAPI, and BIPOC communities deserve the same privileges as CIS, white folks. PERIOD.

  • Creating a safe space looks like acceptance, encouragement, autonomy and confidentiality. 

If you appreciate what Crystal McLain Creative is all about, want to support my work, and gain these benefits, I’d love to have you join The Dream Team at Patreon! Memberships start at just $3 a month!




Crystal's commitment to her own accountability, along with the support of the
group gave me the nudge to create big positive change!


I find myself on board with Crystal's work as it supports changes I am trying to
make in my life. I am moving from survive mode to thrive mode with Crystal's help!


Clearly seeing the problem and solving it. This is just what she does. She is deeply
knowledgeable and intuitive about how our bodies work. And she's funny as hell!


Crystal brings a rare combination of intuition and common sense which, when
mixed with her joyful attitude, enormous integrity and creative style, make her an
ideal companion on any journey.