Paying It Forward

Homelessness, food insecurity, addiction, and domestic violence are the issues closest to my heart, because I, myself, have been there. 

That's why as soon as I reach 100 Patreon Members I'll be donating 20% of the funds every month to an organization that addresses these issues. Below, I've listed a few recipients I'd like to get started with.

If you'd like to support my mission, my work, and your fellow humans, and gain some other membership benefits, you can become a Patreon Member for as little as $3.


Maine Needs

Maine Needs strives to help individuals and families in Maine meet their basic, material needs by providing donated clothing, hygiene products, household items, and other necessities. We focus our work on those starting life over from scratch: domestic abuse survivors, asylum seekers and those facing financial hardships. We partner with schools, caseworkers, nurses and nonprofits to provide these material resources.

Learn more about Maine Needs.

Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program

Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program (MCHPP) is the largest hunger relief and prevention agency in midcoast Maine. Their mission is to offer dignity and empowerment by providing all members of their community with access to healthy food.

Learn more about the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program.

Community Housing Improvement Project

Since 1984, CHIP, Inc. has been fulfilling a mission of neighbors helping neighbors keep their homes safe, warm and dry by providing services such as weatherproofing, replacement of windows and doors, handicap access ramps and electrical and plumbing repairs for Lincoln County homeowners who are not able to do so themselves because of illness, disability or financial need. These repairs are undertaken by volunteers and professionals at no cost to the homeowner.

Learn more about the Community Housing Improvement Project.

New Hope Midcoast

New Hope Midcoast is the only domestic abuse resource center serving Midcoast Maine. Since 1981, their staff has been here to serve individuals affected by domestic abuse, dating violence and stalking.

Learn more about New Hope Midcoast.