Crystal McLain Creative

Crystal McLain

My name is Crystal and I'm wicked passionate about science, self care, art, and humor. I'm also from Maine so I like words like "wicked".

​Despite growing up in a non-creative family, I became a mixed media artist. Beating even BIGGER odds, I became a massage therapist - my family also lacks the touchy-feelies.

Since COVID-19, I decided to follow my true passion for empowered, creative living and merged my massage therapy and creative worlds, establishing Crystal McLain Creative.
I'm serving up my skills as a licensed massage therapist, former self care instructor at the Downeast School of Massage, and a life-long creative human to provide inspiration for your mind, body, and mother-lovin' soul. 
Having successfully worked through a myriad of my own physical, emotional, and situational challenges, I feel confident in my approaches to self care, self love, and creativity. 

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Crystal McLain Creative

Empowerment comes from education, confidence, and direction.
Creativity comes from curiosity, a flexible perspective, and the willingness to challenge yourself.
...and a bit of mess-making.
At Crystal McLain Creative, my mission is to empower people creatively by using a unique mix of science, self care, art, and humor.
I offer goods and services to inspire your mind, body, and mother-lovin' soul. 

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Crystal McLain Creative was formerly known as Crystal McLain Arts

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