I don't know if you've noticed this or not, but life is f*cking crazy right now.

And it’s taking its toll on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

And while I can’t make the problems of the world go away, I can teach people how to take the very best care of themselves.

Because life is easier when we feel healthy, confident, and capable.   

Hi, my name is Crystal McLain, I’m a holistic massage therapist and wellness coach who’s been in the mind-body biz since 2009, and I'm teaching folks how to get creative with their self care, so they can become confident, curious, and proactive advocates for their health and wellness, and live a life that feels empowered and fulfilling.



But, before I get into all that, I want to shed some light on five truths about self care.

  1. Self care, in its core, is the stuff that makes you a well functioning human. It’s the stuff that promotes physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

  2. Self care is not one-size-fits-all, it means something different to each and every one of us. So, only YOU can determine what’s best for you and your wellbeing. Well, maybe you and your doctor or therapist.

  3. Self care requires us to attach purpose to our actionsFor instance, we all know that something like exercise is "good" for us, but that's not a very compelling selling point. But if we're willing explore different ways we can move our body, and experiment with how movement can improve things like mood, energy, health, pain management, mental clarity, confidence, and so on, we'll find authentic and motivating ways to incorporate exercise into our lives. 

    And it's not just exercise, we can attach purpose to anything we do. It's important that we practice self care in ways that align with our character and personal needs.

  4. The things that nourish your mind, body and mother-lovin’ soul, CHANGE over time. Our bodies, and hormones, and circumstances, and WORLD are always evolving, so we need to be open to new ideas, willing to shift gears, and get creative with how we live and care for ourselves.

  5. Making yourself a priority and navigating the wacky world of wellness can feel HARD. While figuring out your unique self care needs as an ever-changing organism, in an ever-evolving world is totally doable, taking on this challenge alone can feel like it’s not. That's why it's important that we find support.

And that’s why I created this website.

Crystal McLain Creative, or, CMC, is an online resource that SUPPORTS folks who want to prioritize their health, wellness, and happiness, and start getting creative with their self care. I offer resources that help you to make practical, educated, and - omg - authentic choices for your mind-body wellbeing.

And at CMC I’m offering that support in four ways…

1. Awareness

The more you understand something, the better able you are to take care of it. 

So let me ask you, how much do you actually know about…YOU?

I think it’s safe to say that most people don’t understand the inner workings of being a human. Crazy, but true.

At CMC, it’s my mission to empower folks with the knowledge and skills to understand who they are, what they are, and how they function, so they can identify their self care needs more easily. 

Through resources like my blog and podcast, Unlocking Wellness, I offer entertaining nuggets of information that strengthen the mindset, deepen self awareness, and helps you make sense of that meat-suit you’re living in. 

2. Inspiration

It's hard to get creative with your self care when you keep doing the same old things, day after day.

So, it’s my goal to get you excited (or at least curious) about self care, by spicing up your daily routine, putting new spins on old tricks, and exploring alternative ways of approaching wellness.  

At CMC, I offer something called The Inspiration Station, where I’m building an ever-growing catalog of different guides, tutorials, and routines so you can experiment with finding practices that actually work for you. 


3. Community


It's one thing to sit here and think about self care, but it's another to actually put it into practice. 

A lot of times we end up just thinking about our goals because deep in our subconscious, we’re afraid of commitment, failure, being judged, or fear that it’s just going to be too hard. 


That’s why we so rarely turn our thoughts into actions. 

But we are about 95% more likely to reach our goals when we commit that goal to another person, and check in with regularity. 

It’s no doubt that people THRIVE when they feel validated and cared for. And it’s WAY easier to feel motivated when we’ve got folks cheering us on.

That’s why, at CMC, I host The Dream Team.

The Dream Team is a gorgeous group of regular folks (just like you and me) who want to make themselves a priority. They want to feel empowered and motivated to care for themselves, and clearly define their self care needs.

And they'd like a little inspiration and support while doing so. 

We gather online and reap the benefits of being in a support group. Benefits like:

  • Feeling less lonely, isolated or judged
  • Reducing stress, depression, anxiety or fatigue
  • Being able to talk openly and honestly about feelings
  • Improving skills to cope with challenges
  • Staying motivated so you can successfully achieve your goals
  • Gaining a sense of empowerment, control or hope

Support is powerful stuff. 

4. Accessibility 

I believe everyone deserves to live a healthy, empowered, and fulfilling life.

I also believe that everyone deserves to have a safe space where they can show up authentically, ask questions, share their stories, and feel seen and heard. 

But I do NOT believe something like financial status should get in the way of having these things. That’s why I offer a sliding scale for my memberships through Patreon, starting at just $3 a month. 

Yup, three bucks.

I know what’s it’s like to be flat-ass broke, and in need of guidance and support so I could start truly loving and caring for myself, and make myself a priority. I’ve been lucky enough to have had people who were there for me along my journey, and now I want to be there as a part of yours. 

So, let’s talk about what you actually get with a Patreon membership… 


    So, my blog and podcast are free to the public, HOWEVER, I almost always add member-only content, so you can dive even deeper.

    I also share my personal experiences so you can see how they relate to a real person’s life.


    The Inspiration Station at my website offers LIMITED free access to those guides, tutorials, and routines, but, with a membership, folks get to explore ALL of my content in a conveniently organized, downloadable app.


    The way The Dream Team and I communicate with one another is through my private Facebook group. I check in, almost daily, and post helpful tidbits that help keep you on track of prioritizing and empowering yourself.

    But it’s not just me posting stuff for you.

    Members are always encouraged to start their own conversations within the group, so they can share their stories, questions, and successes, because diversity fuels creativity.


    What’s the point of self care if you can’t make it fun!?

    We’re not just feelings and education over here, we’re also folks who like to have a good time! That’s why the Dream Team and I are doing some pretty fun things like building member-curated music playlists, book recommendations and recipes.

    We also occasionally throw a live Zoom party! So. Fun.

It's time to be inspired, feel empowered, and get creative with your self care. And it’s time to stop doing it alone. 

If you’d like to start prioritizing yourself, health, and wellness, and find some MF joy in this crazy world, come join The Dream Team! You can sign up through Patreon, for as little as $3 a month! 



  • I'm not a mother in the traditional sense, but I have strong mama energy. I'm here to provide a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.

  • I've worked with literally hundreds of people, facilitating with their health and wellness goals.

  • I'm nerdy, sassy, love to laugh, and I swear like a friggin' pirate. 

  • I'm a relentless researcher, who's dedicated to sharing all that I learn in a fun and simple way!

  • I'm pro-choice, and support LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities. So, if you're down for diversity and body autonomy, we should totally hang out.

  • I believe that we get to change our minds about things, so at any time you decide to cancel your membership, doing so is super easy. I'm here to make life easier, not more complicated.

If we sound like a good fit, come join The Dream Team with a Patreon Membership!




Crystal's commitment to her own accountability, along with the support of the
group gave me the nudge to create big positive change!

I find myself on board with Crystal's work as it supports changes I am trying to
make in my life. I am moving from survive mode to thrive mode with Crystal's help!

Clearly seeing the problem and solving it. This is just what she does. She is deeply
knowledgeable and intuitive about how our bodies work. And she's funny as hell!

Crystal brings a rare combination of intuition and common sense which, when
mixed with her joyful attitude, enormous integrity and creative style, make her an
ideal companion on any journey.