Tools & Materials

Oh hey! Just a heads-up, this page contains affiliate links. That means if you buy something from one of those links, I get a micro commission at NO extra cost to you. Seriously, zero, zilch, nada. These commissions help offset the cost of running the business, and REALLY help out.



The links are to a company called Blick Art Materials. I love them to the moon and back because they have competetive prices, quick shipping, a MASSIVE selection, and 24 hour support. They sponsor scholastic, collegiate, and professional art shows. They also support local schools, art leagues, and commununity groups across the country. They're family owned, and have been around since 1911! They're just super ethical and lovely. So if you're gonna shop online for art and craft supplies, I'd choose them over Amazon ANY day. 

That said, if you have access to a sweet little art supply shop, I'd check them out first. I'm all about supporting small and local. But, if you're in the boondocks, or just have zero time for shopping IRL, you might find these links handy.

Anyway, these are a few of my favorite things (queue Mary Poppins)...

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I love using mechanical pencils because they're always "sharp". Also, I get crazy when I get down to the end of a regular pencil and don't have enough to hold on to. This one is great because it's made from recycled materials!



This guy is my go-to eraser!
paper blender stumps pencil
These little paper blender stumps are one of my favorite tools! And, they're super cheap. 
In my humble opinion, Prismacolor makes the best colored pencils. I have an embarassing amount of them...

 What's better than colored pencils? WATERCOLOR PENCILS! Sribble down your color, and blend your way to a watercolor painting! 



 I've been using Microns for YEARS. I love getting the set of six or eight because it has all the sizes I need. They also come in other colors.


POSCA Pens are perfect if you want to add a little somethin'-somethin' after you've painted or inked. They write on anything. 


Copic markers are great if you're working with inks on Yupo (see below). They're super for blending colors.





 I've had a lot of rulers over my time, and this is by far my favorite! 


I find having a protractor and compass fun and handy.



 If you don't want to wreck your table, or want a portable flat surface, this drawing clip board is just what you need.




This is my favorite type of tip for brushes. I found the roundedness/pointiness very versatile.




I keep one of these Van Gogh watercolor sets with me at all times. I'm completely hooked on watercolor these days!

What I love about arcrylic paints is that they can be watered down and used almost like watercolors. Keep them thick and they're kinda like oils (but SUPER fast drying, and way more affordable). If you don't want them to dry too fast, you can add mixers to them. 
This is that slow dry stuff you can mix to your acrylics.
I'm obsessed with painting with inks. The colors are much more saturated than watercolors. This set of 12 comes with Red, Magenta, Bright Red, Yellow, White, Black, Violet, Blue, Grass Green, Brown, Teal, and Green.




This set comes with Golden Yellow, Orange, Tangerine, Crimson, Cherry Red, Red Violet, Aqua, Turquoise, Yellow Ochre, Terra Cotta, Van Dyke Brown, and Sepia.



My second obsession is with alcohol inks. Sadly, you can't buy one big fat set of all the colors. Sets come in 3's and there's lots of combos. I'll put this first link here, but then you can explore Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks on your own!




I am MADLY IN LOVE with these hand•book watercolor journals. The paper is super heavy, has built-in bookmark and pocket, and an elastic to keep it closed. I keep one of these puppies in my purse. 


Moleskine moleskin notebook journal dick blick art materials
Moleskine also makes an excellent watercolor journal complete with an internal pocket and closing elastic!
Strathmore Watercolor Journal
This Strathmore Watercolor Journal has nice thick pages, but no internal envelope or closing elastic. It does, however come in portrait or landscape styles and different sizes. 
This is Strathmore's Toned Tan Mixed Media Journal (as you can tell by the tan pages). Super heavy pages perfect for collaging and heavier mediums. It also comes in different shapes and sizes, but does not have an internal pocket or closing elastic. 
ranger ink stamp dylusions creative flip journal dick blick art materials
This is a great journal made by Ranger called Dylusions Creative Flip Journal. The pages art like heavy card stock, it has a string-tied internal envelope, and a closing elastic. I love this one! It also comes in two sizes. 
Shizen Design dick blick art materials
This beauty is made by Shizen Design, and is a watercolor journal. Spiral bound, and ties closed. The pages are handmade with 100% recycled garment scraps from India. This tree free book comes in two sizes and with either hot or cold pressed pages. 
Ok, above you may have noticed something about alcohol inks. THIS is the type of paper you're going to want. It's resistant (not absorbent), and so that means you can mess around with the crazy flowing-erasing-blending properties of alcohol inks (go YouTube a video to see what I'm talkin' about). 
If I'm doing straight watercolor, this is my go-to paper.
Bristol Paper can also be used for watercolors. In fact I use it quite often. I really like using this for line drawings with my micron pens.