Castor Oil
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Castor Oil

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Palma Christos™ is the premier Organic Castor Oil. 100% cold pressed, cold processed. Hexane-free. Castor Oil, highly regarded for its therapeutic properties, is a versatile oil that is considered one of nature’s miracle oils. A must for your home medicine chest. Castor Oil packs may be used to support healthy assimilation, elimination and circulation; especially circulation of the lymphatic system. Minimal filtering retains the highest qualities of the oil’s natural properties. This may cause a “cloudy” appearance in colder temperatures.

8 ounce bottle. 

Ingredients: Organic cold pressed castor oil.

Suggested Use:

Castor Oil Packs: Add Castor Oil to a wool flannel, cotton flannel or disposable pack. Dry heat may be applied.

Massage: Excellent for massage into sore, stiff joints and muscles. 

Skin care: Apply as a body or facial lotion to moisturize, nourish and restore skin vitality.

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