The fifth and final key to Self-Care Independence is support. And it’s the thing that could be the difference between successfully achieving your wellness goals, and, well, not. 

When we feel supported, not only does the encouragement and accountability help to keep us on track, but it also improves our general wellbeing, coping skills, and mood. Bonus. 

And we don’t need to rely solely on friends and family, there are loads of other folks out there who are willing and able to help you along the way. 

There are support and focus groups for everything out there. And for the meatier stuff there are online therapists, coaches, and specialists who are (nowadays) often just a text, email, or phone call away. 

And we can find great support in helpful resources that provide easy-to-digest information and practical tools. 

At CMC, I've created a self-care inspiration station where I provide affordable,  practical, and creative self-care resources. I also host a community at Patreon called, The Dream Team.

The Dream Team receives: 

  • Journal Prompts, with a look into my personal entries
  • Mindfulness Exercises + Self-Care Tutorials
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  • All of my Digital Guides, Tools + Kits for FREE!
  • Regular Personal Check-Ins
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And the best part? Memberships start at just $5/month. If you're curious about joining The Dream Team, you can learn more HERE

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