40 Ways To Use a Notebook

I've always had a passion for notebooks. Cracking one open for the first time to find beautiful blank pages full of possibilities. It's delicious.

But, like so many, I found myself afraid of messing up those pristine pages. I didn't want to ruin them with mistakes and imperfections. But here's the thing- humans are messy, and life is 100% better when we can accept that we're going to leave a trail of disasters along the way. That's how we grow and evolve. 

And that's why I started making notebooks. 

I wanted to share my new found love of freedom from perfectionism with the world, and offer notebooks that not only invite others to make their own messes, but unapologetically display their own.


Love this concept, but not sure what to do with your notebooks? Here's a bunch of creative self care ideas!

Art journal
Song lyrics
Calligraphy practice
Book ideas
Fashion planner
Gardening journal
Hobby log
    Gratitude Journal
    Dream Tracker
    Inspiring Quotes
    Positive stories of inspirational people
    List of things that make you feel good
    Brain dump
    Things to look forward to
    Mental health toolkit (things you know to help you get through tough times)
    Therapy diary
      To-do lists
      Goal tracker
      Shopping lists
      Chore lists
      Time tracker
      Budget Planner
      Course notes
      Continuing education goals
      Meeting notes
      Travel checklist
        Meal Planner
        Exercise tracker
        Water log
        Rest and sleep tracker
        Wellness tracker
        Medication lists

          I'm certain there are even more ways to use a notebook, and I'd love to hear your ideas! Let's get creative!

          Need a notebook? I've got you covered. 

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