Mindfulness Minutes

Got brain fog?
Keep recycling the same self-sabotaging routines?
Feeling overwhelmed?

Good, you're at the right place. 

This is a newer version of the old page A Minute of Mindfulness. Here you will find short videos that will strengthen your consciousness as well as care for your mind, body and mother-lovin' soul.

I'll be posting my favorites here, but you can find all of them at Instagram using the hashtag #cmcminute

I love you.
I appreciate you. 
Thanks for being here.

Let's take a few minutes to balance our chakras.

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Let's take a minute to believe we're worthy of love. 


Let's take a minute to connect the mind & body.


Let's take a minute to breathe.




Let's take a minute to practice patience.




Let's take a minute to show up for ourselves. 


Let's take a minute to slow down...
Once the bowl stops singing, you may feel compelled to move onto the next thing. See if you can stay here. Listen. Let go of the urgency.