Patience, Persistence, Tweaking

Can we talk about what happens when you decide to shift your life?

Well, when you first strike out to create a bit of change, there might be a twinge of excitement. But then fear, doubt, or even guilt may sneak in. 

This is normal. 

If you've been living ONE way, but then you create a new thought or behavior, your well trained, preprogrammed subconscious is going to buck against it. The subconscious loves predictability and routine, so even if the new thing is something you REALLY want or need, it doesn't matter, it's still gonna be hard create this change. 

That's why you need to be patient and persistent. 

You must, must, must keep at it (if this is something you really want and need in your life). And you must embrace the fact that creating this thing in your life is going to be HARD. But that doesn't mean that you are weak. That means that you are HUMAN. And last I checked, it's totally cool to be human...I mean, you have no other choice, right? 

Anyway, if you honestly keep at it for a stretch of time, and give yourself some grace during the process, and it still isn't quite right, TWEAK THAT SHIT. Maybe there's another way to come at it. A new approach. A fresh perspective. Get creative.

There aren't a lot of rules out there for how one lives their life (despite what society has taught us). 

Go forth and prosper, friend! And be patient, persistent, and tweak your life.

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