Action is the 4th of the 5 keys to Self-Care Independence, and really, it’s the most vital one. I mean, without action, what do you have…?


So, you’ve managed to cultivate a positive mindset (key #1), you’ve gained some body and self awareness (key #2), you’ve set yourself in a direction with a solid plan filled with attainable goals (key #3), now action is what’s going to turn your wellness dreams into reality. 

But how the hell do you take action, let alone maintain it? 

Good question. 

  1. It’s a good idea to keep your motivators in mind. When you set out to take action, create a mantra that reminds you of your why. Why are you making these changes to your life? What purpose do these changes serve?

  2. Get rid of the things that distract you. Maybe you need to turn off your phone’s notifications, perhaps you need to tidy your space, or do you need to dump those tempting vices? Whatever it is, get it out of your path so you don’t trip over it.

  3. Make the action step a solid DECISION. This isn’t something you’re thinking about doing, it’s something you’re DOING despite any obstacles that may come your way (including bullshit excuses).

  4. Keep up the momentum. Call on the things that give you energy and inspire you, and keep at it. The more you practice this new way of living, the faster it will all become a habit.

  5. Make the process ENJOYABLE. Let's be honest, if you hate what you're doing, you're not going to do it for very long. Find a way to align your routines with your personality. 

  6. Let go of judgment. This is a process. Things take time. Try not to have lofty expectations of the speed or results of the outcome. 

  7. Ask for help (which leads us to the 5th and final key to self-care independence: support). 

If you need a little guidance with practical goal setting and taking action, I have an INSTANT DOWNLOAD for those very things!

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