What's the point?


Yesterday I found myself having some extra time. I was grateful for these bonus moments because I had a bit of homework to do, and a deadline to meet. 

Quick back story: I'm wicked good at self-care on both personal and professional levels. I am not, however, very good at business; and was having a bit of a struggle with my website. 

Generally I feel a bit uneasy when it comes to the business side of things. While I understand the importance of the exchange of money for services, it still pokes my ethics and makes me feel queazy. So I think the association I hold with business and soullessness causes me to get a little blurry brained. 

So, the majority of the time I've  invested in CMC has been focused on building my website. It seemed like the more I tried to make it better (streamlined, efficient, user friendly, interesting), the more of a shit show it became. And with each passing moment I grew a little more resentful of it. I felt like it was robbing me from the time and energy I wanted to invest into creating content (workshops, tutorials, journal prompts, etc). 

So I asked for help. Yes, even coaches need coaching, we're human too.

I contacted Coastal Enterprise's Women's Business Center and they hooked me up with my new best friend (she unaware of this status). 

Oh. Em. Gee. Brilliant. Through a few simple questions we figured out equally simple solutions. And it all boils down to this: 


What's the point of my website? What's the point of my services? When you get really clear about the reasons behind something, the rest of it starts to fall into place. 

Oh. Right. 

After we ended our call, I let out a great snort. She was coaching me in business much like I would coach someone in wellness. IT'S THE SAME FUCKING THING. 

I nearly died laughing. And it was a great reminder that even though we might KNOW HOW to go about achieving goals, sometimes we can't get out of our own way. Sometimes we get so wrapped up on one idea that we forget there are a million more standing behind it. Sometimes we need the fresh perspective from a new set of eyes, or to just be reminded to go back to our purpose. What's the point?

So, as I was saying, yesterday I was given the gift of time, and I found myself scurrying to reach a goal. The goal was to write my About page. And in my haste and hurry I lost sight of my point. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote and got nowhere. Eventually I stopped myself and asked, what's the point?

I spent the rest of my free time walking, stretching, and jotting down notes in my notebook. What's the point?

And wouldn't you know, I woke up this morning with a fresh brain and finished my homework. And now I can put aside the website and do what it is I'm meant to do, and create safe space for people to develop self-care independence so they can become active and empowered participants in their general wellness. That's the point. That's my purpose. 

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