AWARENESS: Having knowledge, consciousness, being informed.

Awareness is the second key to creating Self-Care Independence. And in this short blog we’re going to learn about two different types of awareness; body and self. 

Body Awareness

Body awareness is being familiar with all the parts and how they function, and tuning in to how your meat suit feels. 

The body is a great communicator, when you understand its language. And having a basic understanding of this magnificent vessel will give you the tools to respond to its requests.  

Self Awareness

Self Awareness is the ability to see one’s self clearly. You understand who you are, and how other’s perceive you. 

When you increase your self awareness, it’s easier to navigate your self-care. You live a more fulfilled life, have stronger relationships, and you're more creative and confident. 

And at CMC we’re practicing lots of different ways to increase our body, and self awareness. In fact, I have an INSTANT DOWNLOAD that helps you become more aware of your triggers!

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