Decreased Pain, Weight Loss, & Stress Management - My Client's Success Story With Self Care Independence

A massage client showed up for their monthly appointment the other day, and I noticed there was something “different” about them. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it immediately, but there was definitely a change in their presence.

In today’s episode, with my client’s permission of course, I’m going to share their success story about their personal experience with creating Self Care Independence. 


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Alright, let’s get to it. 

So, yeah, my client and I had the usual “how can I serve them” conversation, and they actually said, “you know, my shoulders aren’t that bad.” 

OMG, this was totally shocking, because their shoulders are ALWAYS jacked. Well, shoulders and low back and hips. But the especially the shoulders. Anyway, this client reported that overall, they felt pretty good. 

And let me tell you, “pretty good” is leaps and bounds better than how they historically roll. 

Once they got on the table and I started poking around their soft tissues, I noticed that indeed their body had changed. The places that normally resist, despite whatever techniques I try, were a little softer and more welcoming of the work. I also noticed a change in their body proportions, they seemed a little slimmer in the middle. 

Anyway, I didn’t say anything, but instead, kept busy working while they chatted about all that was going on in their life. 

Some challenging chapters had closed, and a few new ones had opened. Such as life. This particular client is no stranger to stress, and usually levels of stress run fairly high for them. And this stress is normally very present in their body. But, this time, their body didn’t communicate as much. Their body was telling me that they were actually dealing with this stress more efficiently than typical. 

So, finally, I asked, “what do you think contributed to the decrease in pain?” 

Side note: To look at this person, you’d think everything is fine. They look well put together, they workout a LOT, eat really well, and have solid stability within their family, support, and resources. But despite how good their life looks on paper, they still have to deal with significant chronic pain, and struggle with maintaining a desired weight, which they want to manage for other health reasons and not just aesthetics. 

Anyway, they told me that they realized that if they kept on this trajectory, that they were going to go beyond burnout. Their body was already presenting them with limitations, and at this rate, staring hard at permanent damage to the functionality of their body and to the quality of their life. 

So, they started practicing a few things we’d discussed during previous sessions, mainly relaxation. 

Slowing down is one of the hardest things for this client to do. But, despite their hardwired conditioning, they chose to start really paying attention to what their body was asking of them. 

If they were tired, they rested. If they were stressed, they took a breather. If they were in pain, they nurtured it. They cut out some of the extra strenuous exercises and replaced them with acts of recovery. 

And you know what? Their body is responding beautifully. 

The pain is diminishing, the stress is becoming more manageable, and they’re noticing that their clothes are starting to fit more comfortably. 

Crazy, right? (Not really) This client was personally debunking their beliefs of what they thought their self care “should be”. They’re using the keys for creating Self Care Independence, and, consequently, discovering what actually works for them. 

  • They’re adopting a growth mindset, which allows them to emotionally and mentally accept their new rules for self care. 

  • They’re sharpening their self awareness and body consciousness by paying attention to the cause and affect of their actions.

  • They’re reshaping the direction they want to take with their wellness. 

  • They’re using authentic motivators which is inspiring them to take action. 

  • And they’re creating a supportive environment that helps keep them accountable so they can thrive. 

I’m so impressed with how their body’s natural healing intuition is just stepping up now that they’re creating space for that to happen. 

It’s so. Fucking. Cool. 

I’m honestly just buzzing with joy while thinking about this. 

Anyway, their session ended. I thanked them, and left them to get dressed while I washed my hands. After a few minutes they joined me in the lobby and said, “Thank you. You’ve never lead me astray, and have always been kind in the way you offer advice and suggestions.”

Truth moment: These words did feel delicious, and it is nice to be the recipient of gratitude. Right? But honestly, it’s always up to the client to do the work, you know? I can offer seeds all day long, but it’s up to the individual to plant and tend to them. They are the ones that will bring these seeds into fruition. Not me. I get a client and their body for an hour. That’s it. It’s up to the keeper of the body to maintain a nurturing environment so that it can thrive.  

And that’s a pretty powerful concept, right?

That you don’t have to rely on someone else for your wellbeing?

That YOU are in charge of your wellness and your healing. You can access the service of professionals to help guide you along the way, but YOU are the one who does the work. And when you do, your brain and body intuitively start kicking in and taking over. 

Self Care Independence, baby. It’s the shit. And it lives within each and every one of us, including you. You are a powerful and magical beast and have the capacity to care for yourself truly and deeply. 

But just like my client, you’ve just got to be willing to show up and do the work, despite how challenging it is at first. You have to be willing to go out of your comfort zone and try something new. You have to get curious and creative with with your time and care. And my client will be the first to attest that the investment in true self care is totally worth the gain. 

if you’re curious about creating Self Care Independence for yourself, check all that I have to offer at

I love you.
I appreciate you.
Thank you so much for being here. 

I’ll see you soon.


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